84.4% of people watch more photos than videos on Instagram.

Master online branding. Online branding makes you known for something specific by people who have not even seen you physically, before.

So almost everyone seems to scroll through photos, and rarely watches videos.

Does it mean that video is dead and you should never share videos?

No! Videos still play a huge role on Instagram for certain people and in certain industries. Videos can make you go viral. For example, videos of cute animals, workouts, motivational speeches and outfit ideas do really well on Insta. I mean, even slime videos took over Instagram last year! Gary Vaynerchuk‘s videos are powerhouses and catapulted his success on Instagram. So videos still have their place on Instagram, but more so in certain industries and for certain topics.

Action: Keep posting quality photos. Only create videos if it makes sense for your brand and use them in a super strategic way.

84.4% of people watch more photos than videos on Instagram.

Say what?! Everyone all over the Internet is praising Insta Stories and telling people to focus more on Insta Stories than Instagram posts.

36.6% of people watch Insta Stories. While 63.4% watch Instagram posts.

This is so interesting! We really thought it was going to be the other way around. In the comments below, can you please share with us why you prefer Instagram posts more than Insta Stories? That would be so interesting to find out.

Action: Focus on posts. Keep posting on your feed. And if you want to plan your feed in advance and see how your feed will look like before you post on Instagram, check out Preview app. With Preview you can also edit your photos, find hashtags, test your hashtags, etc…



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