Another bogus claim by a blogger!

Master online branding. Online branding makes you known for something specific by people who have not even seen you physically, before.

So I am at the gym as usual this morning …. it’s my fave part of the day because it is when I receive all the crazy exaggerated emails from bloggers selling there “secret blog system” …. some of this shitnis so crazy it’s worth a share …

I won’t tell you who the bloggers are, don’t want to ruin what they have going … just do some googling. here is the email I opened today ….

My comments are in ()

———- email start ——-

This is something that I hear all the time…

“Wait! You are a professional blogger and you actually make money blogging? Like enough money to make a living and pay your mortgage?”

That is something that I’ve been asked more times than I can count over the years.

And believe it or not, it still bothers me a little.

(Take a pill then)

I guess it’s because a lot of people don’t realize that blogging is a career and can be a very profitable one too! (Oh please please tell me more)

I remember when I first got the idea that I wanted to pay our mortgage with earnings from my blog. I think I picked our mortgage because it feels like if you can pay that every month, you feel financially secure.

The thing was, I knew that my blog could provide that kind of income and a whole lot more… but, I had no idea how to make the most of it, where to start and how to keep leveling it up.

(So. Who’s blogging course did you purchase)

The only problem was (and this was a BIG problem), I had no idea how to make the most of it.

(So magically you are now the teacher)

Ten plus years ago when I started my blog, I was just writing and trying to figure everything out as I went.

I started on the wrong platform, had no real plan, and wasted a lot of time making mistakes that I chalk up now to “learning experiences”.

I knew I could be successful in blogging, but I really had no idea how I was going to make that happen.

There was no road map, very few really successful bloggers to emulate, or courses that showed you how to do it.

(Your kidding right?)

I spent 1000’s of hours reading message boards and Facebook groups, and picked up bits and pieces along the way.

Ultimately I figured things out.

(And poof, you are an expert)

My blog grew to the point where I was consistently earning $30,000/mo. (from blogging alone).

(Wait what? That’s trump kinda money)

This type of income changed our lives in amazing ways…

It gave us freedom, peace of mind, and a business that offered some amazing perks.

The crazy thing about what I figured out was that it was something that many others could do too.

(Yes it’s so easy)

I knew a lot of other bloggers out there were struggling (new ones especially) because they were missing some key information and strategies.

(I call it a brain)

I realized I could show other bloggers how to be successful if they were willing to put in the work.

(You realized people were naive as you and would buy anything with good sales copy)

That is why I developed Blogging Blastoff.

It’s an organized 30-Day system that shows exactly what it takes to be a successful blogger.

I poured everything I had into creating something that would take away all the mystery and show what successful bloggers were doing to make it happen.

In fact, just to show you how extensive, here is the rundown of material in the course:

Day 1 — Laying the Foundations of Blogging Success

Day 2 — Your Blog Income Systems: An Overview

Day 3 — Your Blog Income Systems, Part I: Sponsored & Guest Posts

Day 4 — Your Blog Income Systems, Part II: Affiliate Marketing

Day 5 — Your Blog Income Systems, Part III: Product Creation & Sales

Day 6 — Your Blog Income Systems, Part IV: Social Media, Photos & Video

Day 7 — Your Blog Income Systems, Part V: Running Ads

Day 8 — Your Blog Income Systems, Part VI: Bonus Income Streams

Day 9 — Building The Ideal Blog: Your Layout & Design Blueprint

Day 10 — The Fast Track To Success: Getting Your Name Out There

Day 11 — Mastering The Business Of Blogging, Part I: Business Structures, Tax & Insurance

Day 12 — Mastering The Business Of Blogging, Part II: Contracts, Mailing Addresses, Domain Privacy & Common Mistakes

Day 13 — Writing Mouth-Watering Blog Posts That Flood Your Blog With Traffic

Day 14 — How To Stay Out Of Trouble: A Crash Course In Compliance

Day 15 — The Motivational Boost

Day 16 — Everything Bloggers Need to Know About Facebook

Day 17 — Everything Bloggers Need to Know About Twitter

Day 18 — Everything Bloggers Need to Know About Instagram

Day 19 — Everything Bloggers Need to Know About Pinterest

Day 20 — Everything Bloggers Need to Know About YouTube

Day 21 — Growing Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Email List

Day 22 — Building Your Traffic Engine, Part I: Social Media

Day 23 — Building Your Traffic Engine, Part II: Search Engine Optimization

Day 24 — Turbocharge Your Reach: Sharing & Comment Threads

Day 25 — Your Blog Post Promotion System

Day 26 — Technical Deep Dive I: Video For Bloggers

Day 27 — Technical Deep Dive II: Photography For Bloggers

Day 28 — Your Inexhaustible Income Stream: Mastering Email Pitching

Day 29 — Living The Pro Blogger Lifestyle, Part I: Blogging Conferences

Day 30 — Living The Pro Blogger Lifestyle, Part II: Event Coverage

Whoa…did you read it all?

There is no reason for YOU to struggle for years the way I did.

Blogging Blastoff is 10+ years of hard work wrapped up in a nice little package for you.

(Wait. Ok. Take my money !!!!)

—— email end ——

Ok. Let me start with … there ARE tons of bloggers who “make a living” blogging.

$30k a month … $1000 a day? Ya. I don’t think so.

$30k a month selling his bullshit … possible.

Quote “So far over 3,600 bloggers have taken this wildly popular course because there is absolutely nothing like it.”

I’m still going through all there BS emails waiting for the price … I will update this blog when I get pricing info.

This just in ….

They are claiming to make $100k – $200k a month.

Ok the first course is $397. Multiply that by the 3600 people they claimed to have signed up .. that’s a little under 1.5 million.

Which comes out to right under $120k a month.

So. If all the above is true and not fluffed.. yes they are making what they claim….. but it’s NOT from blogging …

It’s from there “blogging course” which I would of never found organically .. I clicked on there ad.

I always give credit when due. And they ARE doing everything right as far as marketing, funnels, etc etc etc…

Unfortunately it’s a little misleading as they are making money off of showing people how to blog and not actually blogging themselves. So it’s not blog revenue … it’s course revenue.

If I can find there stuff for free … I will post it here.



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