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Did you know? Almost seventeen years after its first release, WordPress (WP) remains the most popular content management system (CMS) on the planet.

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Are you looking for custom WordPress theme development services for your business or organization? Well hot damn, your search is over!

Hey I get it, brands differ and a WordPress theme can reflect that difference. The last thing you want is your website to be a carbon copy of another.

My mom always told me “There is a time and place for everything…”, and this applies to theme development as well.
I of-course offer custom WordPress Theme Development Services to help you stand out from the crowd.

But at the same time… I also can just brand a pre built theme to match your company or personal brand.
You would be surprised to how much a simple logo and color swap can change the look and overall tone of a WordPress website.

Or maybe you are making micro sites simply to build a network for Seo purposes…

Ultimately it’s up to you, I of-course will give you my opinion based on your project.

If you are wandering about WordPress Theme Development pricing … here are some guidelines…

WordPress install with core theme, everything is out of the box including plugins. Client copy/content integration included.

Examples: Personal blog, small business with a couple of landing pages or products, sales funnel, minor 3rd party integrations.

Roughly $1200 – $1800

WordPress install with PRE-BUILT theme (such as one from , theme customization is based on the theme and the plugins it ships with. So the range is a bit more broad. Client copy/content integration included.


Examples: Real Estate site with listings, Company Community/Portal, eCommerce site.

Roughly $1500 – $8000

WordPress install with custom built theme, custom plugins/custom web app built to client specs. Client copy/content integration included.

Examples: Large company community/portal, car dealership, large ecommerce site with custom inventory controls and user management. A network on connected sites using Multi-Site.

Roughly $3000 and up

Branding and User Experience are two extremely important factors for the success of an online business website

As a professional WordPress theme development rockstar (yes I know, totally humble), I know that every business is unique and requires customized themes to create a strong brand presence for attraction and retention of more customers (mo money, mo money).

With the loads of design and coding expertise I have acquired in what seems to be the last 100 years,  in the latest versions of HTML, CSS, and PHP I create well-structured, clean, fully responsive unique WordPress themes that seamlessly and flawlessly function across all browsers and devices the same…. for the most part ..

I mean there is always that one person on the 15 year old phone trying to access the site … 

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Done is better than perfect.

“If there is one piece of advice I can give you, it is to get it done, send it out, wait for the reviews, and then work from there. Don’t let things simmer by sitting on them. Don’t overthink it to the point that you assume you’re not good enough, or your design would be awful!”

Stop Overthinking Your Website Design

1. Focus On Problem Solving And The Client
2. Give Actionable Information That Leads To The Solution
3. Create A Clear Call To Action

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