DAY Z Mod Ideas

View my DAY Z mod projects below, if you are a dev please leave a quote.

I am always coming up with new ideas for games. Unfortunately I am not a game dev. I do have enough developer experience to understand the logic and mechanics though.

Below are some projects I am working on. Feel free to comment with suggestions. If you want to collab for monetization I would be down for that as well.

Territory Music

Day Z sucks without background music. But the same ole music all the time starts to suck as well.

The idea of this mod is to play a certain music track, or tracks from a list when someone enters a pre determined area, as well as stopping the track when the player leaves the area.

The best way to accomplish this would be by using coordinates and creat a geo fence, but I am not sure if DAY Z has that capability.

If not. A simple coordinate plus radius could be used.

Both of the above would I assume use triggers.

For the MVP of this mod we can use the “Northwest Airfield” as the first location. Using a single audio track.

Functional Overview:

1) player enters zone

2) trigger is initiated

3) custom music track starts to play

4) player leaves zone

5) trigger is initiated

6) custom music stop playing

Ideally there would be a settings file that I could input coordinates and set a radius for the zone. (If this approach is taken)

That’s it. If this is something you are interested in please use the form below for a best guess quote.