Do not pay more then around $5000 for a WordPress website!

Master online branding. Online branding makes you known for something specific by people who have not even seen you physically, before.

What? I am talking crazy here?

And no I am not hurting my own business by telling people not to pay more then $5000 for a WordPress website.

Let me explain.

First off … if you choose to work with an agency, you will most definitely pay more then $5000 for your site, that’s just a given. Unless it’s a smaller agency, you may be able to get the cost right around $5000 ish…

First off let me explain what falls under “what’s included in he initial price”

1) discovery

2) design layout

3) content development

4) code

5) testing

6) launch

This is not what’s included ..

1) hosting

2) post launch maintenance

3) SEO / Content Optimization

4) Marketing

5) Social Media Management

Now, eCommerce sites are a little different. I have seen those creep up to the $7000-$8500 dollar range, however most of that cost increase is due to the sheer amount of hours it takes to gather and input over 1000 products. Ofcourse if you had a CSV or XML file of all the products, it would make it a tad bit more easy and would drop the cost a tad.

So here is how to keep your cost down.

As a business owner you may or may not have an idea of what you want your site to look like. You most definitely have a logo and color scheme for your company already, at least let’s assume you do.

Let me start by saying I love templates/themes …. as a starting point and roadmap that is. Your site will and should not end up looking like the template.

Start by looking at some WordPress themes on theme, take our time, there are thousands.

When looking at themes, look past the colors and images and try to focus on the layout of the content and the functionality of the theme. Would your content flow well with this layout. Pick your top 3, take notes of why you think it would work and bring it to your developer.

There. You just saved yourself about $4000. Why?

Well agencies will start by asking you a billion questions (all while charging you by the hour) about our company etc. etc. then they will “mock up” a layout for you, most of the time with no regard to the WordPress framework, this will bite you in the ass later…..

Then about a month later they will present to you the layout they created, you will go back and forth for about another 15-30 days, now you are 60 days into your project and have almost nothing to show for it. And development has not even started yet.

The problem with not “designing” for WordPress is well, it may not work. Or it will work but you will lose some functionality. You may have to start editing some core WordPress files and that will end up hurting you in the long run.

WordPress is an amazing platform, and it works for a reason, the framework is a solid foundation and when you start editing code (core code) stuff starts to break. Don’t do it.

Plugins are key to WordPress, and when you start editing code, plugins break. Not good. Not good at all.

Ok I am rambling, let me get back on focus.

The lovely thing with WordPress as that you can combine the whole process of design and development into one, with small milestones.

The typical agency approach is not needed. I mean unless you want to waste 10k – 20k. And if that’s the case the call me for sure !!!!! Jk jk. I could never morally charge that amount for a website.



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