Do you really need to focus on Seo?

Master online branding. Online branding makes you known for something specific by people who have not even seen you physically, before.

As with every other kind of marketing, a business’s need for SEO really depends on their business goals and where their target audience is at. For that reason, not every business needs to invest heavily in SEO.

I am of the opinion that all websites should have a solid SEO foundation, but when it comes to an ongoing engagement, that depends on a variety of factors. For example, a business that relies on organic traffic should definitely invest in SEO. But, for businesses where their customers are more likely to find them on social media or even via word-of-mouth, SEO may not be the best approach.

What to Think Instead:

Think about where your target audience is and how they find you. Do you really need more organic traffic – or do you need something different, like inquiries on social media? Do you get most of your clients via referral? Perhaps you want to invest in social media management or grow your professional network.

Don’t take an SEO pitch at face value. Wherever there is money to be made, you will find someone willing to sell to you. Make sure your SEO expert is asking the important questions about your business to confirm that SEO is right for you.

What about keywords ?

While keyword research is surely an important part of SEO, it is not the end-all-be-all when it comes to having an SEO-friendly website.

More often than not, newbies in SEO tend to OVER-optimize their website with too much keyword usage. That is, they become fixated on how many times the keywords are used, making sure they are included in every nook and cranny on their website, and use every variation known to man.

What to Think Instead:

Rather than having your SEO strategy based on keywords, you should get to the core of what your business is about and what your target audience is searching for.

Focus on making sure that your website has all of the essential information that your customers and target customers need. Further, address their most common questions in your blog posts and web page content so that they begin to trust you as a solid resource in your niche. That way, the keywords will come naturally, and you will be writing for humans, not just for search engines.



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