Do you want to start a fitness blog? Here are the first steps

Master online branding. Online branding makes you known for something specific by people who have not even seen you physically, before.

Got a hard on for fitness?

Tired of all the BS fitness blogs out there spitting out inaccurate information?

Think you have what it takes to write about fitness?

So do a billion other people… let’s give it a shot anyway!

Maybe you are considering starting a fitness blog!

It’s a great way to talk about your passion and connect with others.

What Is Your Focus & Niche?

Aka. What’s your angle?

Google the term “fitness blog”, and you will find millions of other fitness “experts”. Overwhelming, isn’t it?

If you don’t want to be just another faceless website, you need to learn how to stand out from the competition.

Defining your niche helps you do just that. As an avid fitness lover, you probably have certain preferences.

Maybe you like yoga over running. And maybe you like weightlifting or strength conditioning. And maybe you are a working mom who likes doing Naked yoga?

Whatever it is, figure it out because this helps specify your niche… IE your target market.

Specifying your niche allows you to create dynamic content that engages your specific audience. Rather than casting a wide and generic net, it allows you to establish expertise in your area of focus.

You gotta start with the baby weights!

Ready to get started on making your website? The next few steps can seem overwhelming and complicated, but they’re actually pretty painless.

Your Domain Name

If you are truly a “noob” this would be something like

Ok obviously don’t use that domain name, it sucks.

Actually. I am buying it right now!

First things first: you need a memorable blog name!

it needs to be easy to remember and simple to type.

NOTE: your blog name does NOT need to be the same thing as your domain name. These days it’s hard to find good domain names. Especially within the fitness world.

I like oddball catchy domain names. To each there own.

Maybe your blog name is “fitness first”, no way in hell that domain name is available. So get creative and come up with a catchy domain name. Something like “”… see what I did there?

Website Hosting

Ok great. You got your niche. You got your domain.

So where do you put it? TTWSS!

Typically, you purchase your domain name on a hosting site. The host acts as the powerhouse storing all of your blog data and information. There are numerous hosting choices available in today’s market.

I suggest using GoDaddy, let’s be clear, I hate GoDaddy. BUT… for starting out bloggers, hey are your best bet.

They are pretty well priced. Easy to use. And good customer support.

I suggest getting the WordPress hosting package. It’s under $15 a month and is great for starting out.

With one click your blogging platform (WordPress) will be set up for you.

Speaking of…

Using WordPress As Your Blogging Platform

The platform is the “appearance” of your blog. It’s the meat and bones of your content, and it needs to look good!

But even more important, it need to function great and be super easy for users to view and find content.

Many bloggers use WordPress because it’s relatively easy and straightforward.

WordPress also offers an extensive array of free themes. And plugins… mostly for free 😉

Keep the following things in mind:

Keep it aesthetically pleasing and simple
Less is usually more
Make sure it looks good on mobile devices!
Avoid clashing images, fonts, or colors

If you’re just starting a fitness blog and aren’t sure how it looks, get feedback!

DON’T ask friends or family for feedback, they will mostly lie and tell you it looks amazing! Use feedback websites for honest answers.

Cliche Term: Create Killer Content

It might be cliche but it’s so true. Yes, you need amazing, relevant, killer content, still in 2019!

When it comes to starting a fitness blog, you need to be both passionate and dedicated to your craft.


After all, while anyone can start a blog, not everyone can make a blog become successful.

In terms of blogging, SEO is king. That means you need to produce consistent content rich with SEO best practices. Without doing this, you’re basically guaranteed to get lost in Internet wasteland.

Producing killer content means being unique, concise, and helpful! Whether you’re answering what does testosterone do or you’re comparing Crossfit boxes, you want your readers to keep coming back for more and more.

SEO can be complicated, but there are plenty of helpful free guides to help you get started.

In a nutshell, you need to understand the following:

  • long-tail keyword phrases
    Internal and external linking
    Optimizing images
    Effective call to actions

In general, mastering SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see dramatic results when starting a fitness blog. It can take time to develop a significant following.

Sharing Your Fitness Blog On Social Media

How many fitness models do you follow on Instagram?

How many fitness infographics can you find on Pinterest?

That’s right. There are thousands, and YOU also need to be in that crowd.

Facebook has over 1 billion monthly visitors, and Instagram has over 500 million.

That’s a lot of people. Even if you reached 1% of those numbers you would be in good shape!

Getting active on social media is a great way to expand your content, connect with your audience, and improve your following.

Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and Youtube tutorials

Ever notice how you get lost in an abyss of silly cat videos?

Top influencers understand just how much we respond to this kind of visual content!

Consider creating live videos demonstrating workout routines or gym advice. Consider doing a Q&A in exploring popular reader questions. Or, simply consider doing an “about me” video to show people more about your personal life.


No longer just the pound key on the telephone, hashtags essentially provide free advertising to your products or services.

Today, you can use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Although they are used best on Instagram.

Make sure to use all the allocated hashtag opportunities. Doing so increases your chance of people landing on your content.

Look up the banned hashtags on Instagram, obviously don’t use them.

Engage With Others

Social media allows you to connect with other bloggers and readers all around the world. Use this to your advantage.

Comment and share other people’s posts. Share relevant articles. Give shoutouts to new followers or fans.

The more you can keep your audience feeling special and appreciated, the more likely they are to keep coming back to you!

If You Made It This Far ….. Here Is A Recap

Fitness blogging is a wonderful way to express your thoughts and expertise to the entire world!

With more and more people turning online for information and resources, there’s absolutely a place on the internet for you in starting a fitness blog.



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