Fitness Series – Why Vitamins are a Scam for Most People

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Are you confused? You want to take a daily nutritional supplement, but you have no idea where to turn for non marketing driven BS information. I see it every day in the gym: people come to dragging boxes and bags full of an endless array of nutritional supplements. But, here’s the rub: they haven’t the slightest idea about whether or not the products they purchased are of any value.

Truth is, some do.. but most have literally zero effect, other then making you think they are working.

Supplement users have little idea about how to read the label on a nutritional supplement. They don’t know what RDA and RDI mean, they are unable to decipher anything about the ingredients in the product, and they do not have the necessary knowledge about nutritional supplements to tell if a product contains all the nutrients they require each day. Further, they are unable to evaluate whether the nutrients contained in the capsules or tablets come from the best sources of raw ingredients and if those ingredients are blended into the product in the correct amounts and in the right balance to one another.

Well, for you dear reader, that’s about to change!
You may think that choosing a nutritional supplement for your daily use, one that provides you with all the essential nutrients that you may not receive from your diet, is an easy task. It’s not — far from it. There are hundreds of supplement manufacturers and thousands of supplements.

Anyone with enough money to manufacture a product is, literally, in the nutritional supplement business. Knowledge. Understanding. Experience. Forget it. Not required, not needed. If there’s a buck to be made, they’ll make it at your expense — at both the expense of your hard-earned dollars and, in the worst case, at the expense of your health.

You may think that companies who sell nutritional supplements know what they’re doing. Most don’t. That’s a fact. Very few of the products sold on the market really provide you with what you need.

What they do is take the money out of your wallet. What they don’t do is provide you with the return on your investment that you believe you are receiving.


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