Hire Me for Your Next WordPress Project

If you are in search of a reputable WordPress developer with a proven track record well then you came to the right place!

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Get the 411

The first phase of any web design project is asking the right questions. The hope is to learn more about you and your company’s needs and audience. During this phase, we can discuss an overall theme and vision for the site.

Got Mockups?

If you have pre made mockups from a designer, this is where they come into play. You can view the site as I build it and provide feedback. We’ll meet regularly for status updates until the design is finalized.

WordPress Time

In most cases this will be step #2 skipping the mockup process. It’s the beauty of WordPress .. code code code.

During this phase, the only people that will be able to access the site is you and me. The public won’t be able to view the site yet.

Flip the Switch

The final stage is deploying the site. After I receive the go ahead from you, I’ll go live with the site. But, my services don’t end there. I’ll be available for 24/7 support and maintenance for as long as you use the site.