How automation bots are bad for Instagram

Master online branding. Online branding makes you known for something specific by people who have not even seen you physically, before.

There’s a “not so new” trend that has become far more common these days that I want to talk about … Instagram Bots.

You know when you post to Instagram and you use a few popular hashtags …. and almost immediately you have 30 likes?

Ya. That’s not because you are awesome … SORRY!

Those are automation bots and they are bad for Instagram!

Bots constantly “listen” for hashtags and when certain ones are posted they go and like and/comment/follow/follow back your account.

Sneak attack!

Bots bring you no real benefits… other then looking like you have a billion followers.

How can you tell a bot engaged with you?

1) look at the profile.

If they have 100k followers and they are only following 100 people and only have 10 posts ya it’s a bot ( or even worse, they bought the account).

2) The persons account literally has nothing to do with your interests.

IE. your account is about bug spray and you get tons of gorgeous women liking and following you … sorry brah. Not a real person.

3) No USA followers.

You are in USA and your followers are not …. say um Russia.

4) Comments literally make no sense at all.

The comments you receive are super generic and have nothing to do with your post. Comments like: Nice. Awesome. Great Job. Love It etc etc.

Instagram bots are great because they increase your followers – but the following you’re growing isn’t authentic.

You’re simply attracting other bots and trolls! Would you rather have 500 followers who LOVE your brand and are continuously purchasing from you OR 500 trolls and bots who never really engage with you?

There are many ways to get real and valuable engagement (but that is for another post).



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