How to run your email list: the basics

Master online branding. Online branding makes you known for something specific by people who have not even seen you physically, before.

Email marketing is still the best conversion tool in online marketing. If you don’t have an email list then you don’t have a online business

FACT Email is 40% better for conversions than social media like Facebook or twitter.

The goal of an email list is to build a hyper responsive list which is the exact opposite of what most people do in order collecting peoples email address.

You are better off having 1000 engaged fans than 5000 subs who only gave you their email address for a freebie.

Calling a free guide a bribe is not the right way to start a relationship…. unless it’s truly free!

It’s ok to upsell. But don’t send them something free and then ask them to pay for it.

That’s what email marketing is- Building a relationship.

I hate it when people say the money is in the list -Because its not, its in the relationship and that takes time to build. There are many people with huge email lists with poor open rates and even worse, low click through rates.

Reasons for poor open and click through rates:

Blast people with pop ups before they get to read anything
Use single optins
List swapping
Not using first name field

Why I don’t like pop up’s

You hear it all the time in IM , I hate using pop ups but they work.


You may get more subscribers but are they quality subscribers?

Getting someone’s email before they read anything you have written, bribing them with some cheap report is not a good way to start.

Overtime they stop opening your emails and your deliveribility rate goes way down.

Use double optin

Many marketers know that using single optin gains more subscribers quickly.

This is true. It is so they can blast them with affiliate offers and make more money earlyon but they lose more subscribers down the line.

Single opt ins also take in spam emails which you still have to pay for every month!

Plus some countries require double optins which if you break the icann laws there are heavy penalties given.

List swapping

This is not done as much as it use to but its still a good reason why you have poor open rates.

Not using name field

This one is used by newbies in order to gain more subscribers as possible.

It works in the sense that the more friction in the opt in process the less likely people will give over their email address.

The downside is many people will give false addresses and even worse you won’t know because you have no first name to check.

For example if someone gives an email address say, first name- JOHN and his email address is John Davies it is more likely to be a genuine address.

But if a get an email address with no first name as jobloggs123 then how do you really know it is genuine?

At least if they gave a first name you are more in a position to evaluate if they are a genuine sub or not.

Email tip:

Instead of optin forms on your sites use lead boxes where visitors click on your site to reveal opt in this shows higher conversion rates and creates more space on your website plus giver cleaner look to your site.



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