Job Recruitment Web Application

The Jobseeker can create his account on the job recruitment web application and upload required documents like a resume, cover letter, and Proof of Identity. The recruiters can view the profile of these job seekers …
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Chatbot Web Applications

Technology has evolved in the past few years. One such technological advancement which really helped brands to serve their customers is Chatbot. With the help of the Chatbot web application , the companies can serve …
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Employee Orientation and Training Web Application

Employee orientation and training web application is the most essential thing for the company as well as for the employee, as it makes it easier for the new employee to adjust to the culture of …
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On-Demand Services

On-demand services web applications act as a mediator between customers and services providers for different services. Users prefer to pay small fees for faster and convenient services offered by web applications. This type of web …
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CEO Dashboard Web App

Dashboard analyses the large amount of data in a single place. CEO Dashboard is one of the innovative web app ideas that will be in demand in 2021. Every company’s CEO in B2B field keeps …
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Start a Personal Blog Website

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