Reporting and Data Analytics

Website keyword and position tracking monthly monitors at a fraction of the price!

You have a website you say?

That’s awesome… but do you know how it is performing?

Google analytics is great but and it gives you a lot of great information, problem is you almost need an engineering degree to understand the data!

One thing it lacks is keyword tracking and keyword positioning reporting…. At least thats understandable.

There are tons of great tools you can use to get this information.

Again, do you have the time and resources to do dig into the data? Probably not.

One of the services I offer is to monitor your website for :

Keyword Positioning and Ranking
Competitor Analysis
Social Media Footprint
Google Tag Manager Event Tracking
Google Data Studio Reporting
Landing Page Monitoring
Keyword Research

My service is great for anyone who just doesn’t have time mess with it…

Brah, sounds amazeballs! What will I get?

1 hour consultation via phone or in person. Honestly I don't cap it at an hour, we will chat until I have enough information to get the job done.
Keyword tracking for up to 100 keywords.
Competitor comparison for 2 other domains.
Google Analytics integration.
Bi weekly or monthly reporting for tracking keyword positioning and website visibility metrics.
Initial website audit, Seo and optimization report.

Supa sweet ... how much?

My month price is just $49!
(First month is $99 because the setup and discovery is pretty extensive)

How long does it take to get set up?

Typically, once I have your keywords you are up and running in a couple of days.

Where do you get your data?

I get my data from multiple sources, the same as everyone else. The difference is I give it back to my clients in an easy to understand no BS report. So they can make better business decisions!

I have enterprise accounts with:

Google Analytics

I gather all your data from the above, compare and analyze and present it to you in the best format available!

Let me stop you from asking the next question... and give you the answer:

YES you can always go to the above sites yourself and sign up. I welcome that. You however will end up paying for stuff you won’t use or even need. And pay a lot more then you want to.

Here are some pricing:

SemRush: $99 – $500+ a month
Moz: $399 a month
AHrefs $199 a month
Google Analytics: not allowed to disclose. Let’s just say it’s equal to a nice car payment.
SeoSpy: $199+ a month


You can pay me $49 a month!

If you would like more information on my Reporting and Data Analytics services please complete the form below!