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Are you looking for custom WordPress theme development services for your business or organization?

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The Best Approach to WordPress Development

With any platform, it takes time to build competence. Many agencies say that they know how to develop inside of WordPress, but what other systems do they use?

Are they fragmented between 5-10 different platforms?

Are they trying to do everything in order to get any new clients that will take them?

I am not, we are not “Plug and Play” WordPress developers!

Just because a website looks nice, that doesn’t mean it’s built well. Instead of being novice, “plug and play” WordPress developers, we’re experts and can ensure that you have the appropriate data structures on the backend to scale without major problems.

We use the same base plugins on every project, we ensure that everyone one plays nice with each other!

As we continue to grow as experts in WordPress, we’ve created a micro-framework that extends WordPress’ default functionality. This allows for minimum 3rd party plugins which in return allows for your website to remain uncluttered and google speed friendly!

After we build your website, we host it on an amazing WordPress specific host that includes enterprise-level security, automatic daily backups (with one-click restore) and a surplus of WordPress server optimizations for speed and reliability.

Of course you can host it wherever you like, but we highly highly highly recommend our host as they are literally the #1 WordPress hosting platform on the Internet!

Well, you know you need a solid and custom WordPress theme, but where do you start?

Contact us today and if we think we could knock it out of the park for you, we’ll put together a detailed and flexible proposal.

If we don’t think we’re the best fit, we’ll tell you. It’s that simple.

Not convinced you should use WordPress?

Here are a few reasons …

1) Because even my grandmother uses it, and she’s like 97!

Originally built as a blogging platform, WordPress now powers over 75 million websites and blogs. It’s easy to see why. WordPress’s extremely robust architecture aside, it boasts accessibility features and simple administrative tools that allow non-coders and development gurus alike to manage and edit a website with ease.

2) Limitless Customizability

WordPress offers an exceptional content platform with unmatched versatility. Plug-ins and new features — like ecommerce functionality, social feeds, and CRM integrations — are easily implemented, extending your website capabilities so it can scale or pivot as your needs require.

3) Baked-in search engine optimization

Google and other major search engines love WordPress. Its dashboard facilitates quick and easy updates to your website’s technical SEO, such as title tags and meta descriptions. And SEO-focused add-ons, such as Yoast, can do wonders to your website’s visibility in search.

We approach WordPress design and development 3 different way.

1) New design and development from scratch.

You would typically fall into this category if you have never had a website before, moving from an online builder like Wix or Squarespace, you have a website but are fixing to hit delete and want to start fresh.

2) Redesign of your current website.

This is for you if you already have a website, WordPress or not and you want to use the same content you have and just want a new “Theme” or some enhancements.

3) you just need to add some cool stuff to your site.

This usually means you just need some items adjusted and maybe some plugin installs to beef up what you already have.

Want our two cents on your site or app?

Ask and you shall receive.

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