Social Media Consulting
Everyone wants to be popular 🙂
I help entrepreneurs/brands learn how to effectively brag about themselves (without bragging) and drive engagement.
AARRRGGGHHH . why cant I go viral!?
Probably because you are trying to go viral!

Are you struggling to stand out from the crowd?

Are you looking for ways to build, connect, and engage with your community?

Do you want to sell more products and services using social media?

Are you a small business aspiring to advance in social media and need a little guidance?

Do you want to start an Instagram account but have no idea where to begin?

Are you wondering what you should post on your social media profiles? At what time and on which days?

Then let me help you.

In as little as an hour, I can teach you how to professionally run your social media accounts without having to hire someone full time.

If you’re a small business with a great concept and product but lack a fantastic social media strategy, then you are missing out on a huge market for potential customers. Social Media is the easiest way of free advertising for your business but if you cannot be found on all social platforms or if your feed does not pleasantly represent your brand, then you need me.

Let me build a media plan for you. I will work with you and create a plan to maximize your business’s full potential. I will teach you simple tricks, keep you up to date, help your business find its look and build a visually pleasing social media aesthetic.

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What I Offer:
Integrated Social Media Strategy & Coaching
With this, I will partner with you for an intensive 30-day social media audit and training process. I will start by reviewing your current practices and recent social media platforms. Once I have an understanding, we can then move forward and develop a custom social media marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs. Making sure all of your channels from Instagram, to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are integrated. As well as training you and your team on how to manage and execute your own social media. Including my step-by-step guide, content creation, content planning, proper engagement and the best practices for each platform.
Social Media Management
Are you too busy to run your own social accounts? Do you know you need to put more effort into your social media presence but have no interest in learning? By acting as your brand, I will post, engage and build your social media presence online for you.
Social Media Training
In this three-hour training session, I will train you and your team on how to plan, execute, and manage your own social media in-house. Including content creation and curation, content planning, proper engagement interaction techniques, and platform best practices.
Social Media Strategy Session
Think you already have a grasp on your social accounts but still have a few questions? Then this Strategy Session is perfect for you! This hour-long, client-guided call will help you find the best answers for your specific business needs. This is your time to spend as you see fit and can be used to discuss any online marketing or social media topic you have questions about. I am yours for one hour, to answer all of your questions.
Have something else in mind? Contact me, and we can put together a plan, specifically for your business.
I’m available for one-on-one as well as group sessions. And time permitting, I manage a select group of Twitter profiles and a variety of social media sites. Get in touch if you’d like to be considered.