The Fist USFL game was a success in my opinion.

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Well the first USFL game was last night (April 16th) on both Fox and NBC. And I must say I was very happy with how it turned out.

Before I get into my opinions on the second generation of the USFL… Here are some key highlights from the game.

Talking about just the production quality alone I will say it’s a huge WIN!

Last nights first game on FOX I would say it was super close to matching the quality (if not matching) of an NFL game.

Obviously you are missing the big name talent, but everything else such as camera work, angles, replays etc. etc. we’re amazing.

Birmingham Stallions – Osirus Mitchell

It also helped to hear some familiar voices doing play by play.

I’d they can keep up the production quality throughout the year it will be a great league, and I find that it will be super hard for the XFL (new logo and all) to match the quality.

I mean Fox Sports does own it after all. And they are dropping a crap ton of money into it.

The quality of game play was pretty good to. People will argue it’s not at an NFL level, well correct, but it’s also not the NFL. Duh.

The first game was a nail biter for any sports fan. some really great plays.

All regular season games will be played in Birmingham, Alabama with the playoffs slated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

This will be hard for hometown fans to support there team but will be good for the long run as it will save millions and millions of dollars.

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Michigan Panthers
New Jersey Generals
Philadelphia Stars
Pittsburgh Maulers


Birmingham Stallions
Houston Gamblers
New Orleans Breakers
Tampa Bay Bandits

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