Why does your blog suck …. let’s fix your blog problem

Master online branding. Online branding makes you known for something specific by people who have not even seen you physically, before.

if yoo suk @ riting, no won will reed ur blog lolz.

Pretend you’re standing in front of someone, trying to convince them of something. You could be trying to persuade them to bet on one sports team over another, to buy a new car, or that the climax scene in The Devil’s Advocate is overacted and stupid. Doesn’t matter.

Now, pretend you’ve given your entire persuasive argument to a transcriptionist instead of to the person you’re trying to convince. The transcriptionist will write down all of your powerful words and hand them over for your target to read.

See the problem?

You’ve just been robbed of your body language, your tone of voice, your subtle inflections, your facial expressions, and your withering stare. And all of this while you’re trying to make someone change their mind… and hopefully to tell their friends to do the same.

Unless you use a lot of video and audio, this is your task every time you write on your blog. You’re trying to persuade people to feel what you feel, to tell their friends about you, and maybe to buy from you using only words, which some studies suggest might comprise just seven percent of your total communication arsenal.

You’ve got your hands tied behind your back to the tune of ninety-three percent when you’re writing words on your blog, so you’d better make those words count.

But will they be moved?

Will they feel that they must share your post with their friends?

Will they come back to that post over and over?

Will they join your list or subscribe to your feed so that they don’t miss your future posts?

Will they feel a connection with you that they will remember the next time your paths cross?

Writing a blog really is not complicated, but a lot of people think it is because they assume there must be more to it than just publishing good content. They are wrong.

However, writing a blog is time-consuming, and it is hard work, and not very many people are good at it. To make matters worse, many people have the wrong idea about blogging. They take the time and they work hard, but the result is a blog that sucks.

So why does your blog suck ass?

because the main reason you blog is direct marketing. In other words, you hope people who are looking for a Seo person/social media person on Google will find one of your blog posts, read it, and then contact you. Haha that’s funny.

Look, blogs are awful direct marketing tools. Expecting people to find your blog and call you is like the Atlantic Monthly writing about current events because it wants to sell consulting services to politicians.

It’s like a journalist expecting orders for donuts after publishing an article about the stock price of Dunkin Donuts.

Or like people trying to hire the LA Times to handle their murder defense because it covered the OJ Simpson trial.

The direct result of publishing a blog is readers — if it doesn’t suck — not clients.

*** side note ***

Stop writing about yourself, your company or your services… no one gives a shit at this point. They are here about information, nothing else. Save it for your list.

“Whether it is on Twitter, blogs, or company collateral, there seems to be a recent trend to overemphasize statements about oneself or to put the company ahead of the customer.

No matter the content type, this type of self-indulgence is weak. You’ll lose the reader because of braggadocious puffery. Remove the ‘I’ and ‘we’ from your marketing.”

Jamie Glass, CMO and president, Artful Thinkers

… or, worse, because you think of a blog as advertising. You end most posts with a “call to action” like “If you have been arrested for picking up a prostitute, we can help! Call now for a free consultation!”

Although if that’s the case, advertise for a STD specialist!!!

Blog posts are not billboards — or advertisements in any way. I don’t know how anybody could think that will work, but some people obviously do.

… because you think people who visit your blog are looking to hire a Seo person/social media person. Most people who visit your blog aren’t looking to hire a Seo person/social media person — at least not at that moment.

They are looking for information, or maybe entertainment.

Eventually, they may need a Seo/social media person… maybe even a web developer… but not realize it.

Thinly-veiled sales pitches will not get very many of these people to contact you.

So what’s the solution for a crappy blog?

Well I am not God and I do not have the answers to everything… but I will share what I feel is helpful.

1) Figure out a way you can combine what you’re passionate about writing with your natural strengths and how you can create content that helps someone solve a problem, answer a commonly asked question, or provide inspiration and motivation to do something.

2) Spend time creating a message that you want to share with the world through your blog. Then every time you sit down to write, figure out how you can connect your post topics back to your message.

3) Stop thinking about YOU! Create your content with just one person in mind aka your ideal reader. Come up with a biographical profile for them and get really nitty gritty with the details. Basic demographics are good but get in their head. Understand their goals, struggles, and what they care about most. Write your content for them.

4) SEO is worth investing time in because once you learn the basics, you can implement easy tweaks to your content to instantly boost your traffic. And improve your Google footprint.

Once someone or a company believe you are an authority in your area of business, they will refer business to you. This is not marketing voodoo, this is just how referrals among human beings work. It is how we hire plumbers as well as lawyers. A blog is just a way to reach a bigger audience of potential referral sources.

With an awesome blog, a lot of work, and a bit of luck, that’s what can happen.

If all you write is keyword-stuffed SEO bait, that will never happen.

So what do you write about?

I know I am meeting a dead horse (just a saying I would never actually do that … peta) but DON’T JUST WRITE ABOUT YOURSELF…

There is really only one rule, and you have probably figured it out by now: write stuff people want to read.

It’s pretty simple.

1) Research trending topics and problems in your area of expertise. Long form content that goes deep into problems your readers are likely to have is valuable content that people bookmark and share. There is far too much generic, superficial fluff on the internet, so great content gets noticed.

Good infographics, slide shows, podcasts and videos will also increase sharing, so having some content diversity is also very benefical.

2) write from your heart and experience and try and solve a problem. Bad ass bloggers solve problems for their readers. Your mom might be interested in a personal diary of your experiences, but most of the internet is not. You are either entertaining or solving problems. Short posts of regurgitated facts, (13 Reasons You Should Travel in 2013), are annoying and boring.

2.1) Tell stories that catch your attention, build up interest and and then reach a climax, just like any good book or movie. Factual posts like ’10 Things Every BackPacker Must Bring” might get clicks, but content like that is boring and largely useless for most people. Great story telling never gets old.

3) Be active everywhere. You must have lots of videos, popular podcasts, active on social media and frequently write high quality content for your blog. There are few short cuts to gaining massive attention. Put in the work and you will build an audience.

4) go back and optimize for Seo**

5) re-read your blog, spell and grammar check

6) Post

7) engage

** don’t sacrifice quality content for Seo. The content comes first. **

Ok. I have rambled on long enough and if I keep spitting shit out then THIS blog is going to suck!!!!

I will write more in this topic in weeks to come so stay tuned!

Interesting Blog Facts

According to HubSpot, companies publishing more than 16 posts per month obtained a 3.5x increased traffic when compared to companies churning out just 0-4 monthly posts.

Also, companies that blog 16+ times a month obtain 4.5 times more of potential inbound leads.

A successful blogger has an eye for detailing and can make readers empathize with emotions through words.

Creating engaging content is so important that 72% of B2B content creators have emphasized it as one of the top priorities.



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