Why you must have opt-ins on your website!

Master online branding. Online branding makes you known for something specific by people who have not even seen you physically, before.

So here’s what you’ll learn in this article.

1) Why understanding opt-ins is so important for your website to sell.

2) How the secret to online success is about what you can give vs. what you can get.

Alright, a little quote from Steve W. Martin to start us off. “Sales is a process, the process of building a relationship and turning a skeptic into a believer and making a stranger your friend.” Mmm, love it.

Why your opt-in is so damn important, emphasis on so.

So if you have a business, whether it’s online or offline, your business is your customer list.


It seems obvious, but no customers, no business.

Your opt-in is the place, or places, on your website where your visitor submits their contact information and joins your list. If your opt-in isn’t converting, or it’s non-existent, you are leaving a heck of a lot of money on the table and, more importantly, you are also missing out on the chance to positively impact millions of lives, which I know you wanna do.

So one of the best ways to get someone’s email address is to give them something valuable for free.

We all like free.

So what does your ideal customer most want?

What can you offer that will help your ideal customer get closer to her or his desired outcome for free, before she even buys from you?

So, if you’re an expert in your field, you should give some specific advice that helps your client solve a problem or learn something new right now.

So that can be in the form of a free video, it could be a guide, a PDF, or some kind of training series whether it’s PDF or articles or videos.

Doesn’t matter.

Now, if you have a product based business, it could still be information. So, let’s say you create and sell jewelry, it could be a guide to cleaning your jewelry. Or it could be access to discounts or special offers, flash sales, free trials, free shipping, free delivery, you get the idea.

Now, there’s a lot of room for creativity here, so don’t just hang out with the little ideas that I shared.

You’ve gotta test different things to know what’s actually going to convert for your business in your market.

When you really understand your customer, you understand what she’s most looking for.

So, do they want information, do they want advice or resources or tools or savings or free training, free shipping, discounts, exclusive access?

Do they want inspiration?

Do they want to laugh?

What do they want?

The only way you can figure that out is if you get to know your audience . You’ll also understand how they want information delivered. In an email, video, audio, PDF, or some combination.

The goal here is to give something truly valuable away for free.

You wanna be generous and be helpful before you ask for anything in return.

What do great opt-ins accomplish?

They instantly establish trust, goodwill, and reciprocity.


That’s what they do.

They demonstrate that you care about your customer and you understand their needs. So you can’t fake this stuff.


This is what the best part is about modern marketing and about running a business that not only makes money but changes the world.

You gotta do this stuff from your heart and you have to actually mean it. That’s the only way it’s gonna work. A great opt-in also gives her an instant, no-risk experience for you and your company.

A great opt-in is also an automated, leveraged way for you to build your list and develop a real relationship with your prospects 24/7.

So even when you’re sleeping, even when you’re away on vacation, if you’ve got an awesome opt-in offer that delivers value and it’s automated, you are building your list and you’re building amazing relationships with people when you’re not even there.

That is the beauty of modern technology.

A great opt-in offer also generates interest and desire for your offerings. It sets them up to buy your stuff.

So we generate interest and desire at the same time as we’re delivering value. So here’s some ideas for information or advice businesses.

Free video training and audio training or a written training. You could give a free physical book, a CD, or a DVD where you only have the client pay for shipping only. This is a little bit more of an advanced technique. The strategy is pretty good if you really understand the numbers of your business and you understand how much a lead is worth for you.

Let’s say, for example, you know on average any time that you get someone new on your email list there’s a likelihood that lead is gonna be worth, you know, 30 to 40 dollars over the customer’s lifetime. So you know, “Hey, if I spend 5 or 6 dollars to get a new customer, but they’re gonna be worth 30 or 40 or 50 bucks to me over the course of a lifetime, I’ll do that all day.” So, again, that’s a little aside, a little bit of an advanced strategy, but it’s possible.

You could give a free ebook, a digital program, a checklist, or a worksheet. You could have somebody take a quiz or assessment and give them some customized results.

You could offer them free membership to a site or a free trial to a piece of software.

You could give them discounts or coupons or vouchers on your products or your services. Or you could give them access to a webinar, a teleseminar, or some other virtual or even a live in person event.

So here are some ideas for retail and product based businesses.

You can offer free information by sharing your expert knowledge.

So, for example, let’s say you sell pet goods. You could give them, “Three Must Have Training Tools For Your New Puppy.” I knew when I first got Kuma, I was all over the internet looking for stuff and if someone would’ve just helped me know the three training tools for my new puppy, I would’ve gave them name and email so fast I would’ve left streaks.

Ok, free shipping, discount on your first order, free training on how to use the product, maybe you give a free additional product or a free trial of a product. You can create a killer loyalty program.

Offer huge discounts on the spot, you can give them notice of exclusive member only sales, flash sales, free shipping for members only, you get the idea.

You could also have a contest. Maybe you have a monthly contest for anyone who joins your mailing list and make the prize really juicy. The point here is to be creative.

Remember to think like your ideal customer avatar and deliver what he or she most wants.



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