Is you website doing a crappy job of converting?

Is you website doing a crappy job of converting?

Website Not Converting? This May Be Why If this is happening to you, it doesn’t have to continue. Chances are, there are some fundamental principles that you might be missing. This post will give you some basic tactics that will help you convert prospects into customers. They Don’t Trust Your Brand One of the main […]

Here is a SEO breakdown for 2019 websites

Complete Seo instructions for your blog Well bitches we are halfway through 2019 and guess what? Content is still king! Which means SEO is just as relevant now then it was 10 years ago! Here is a breakdown of what you should be doing for each and everyone of your blogs. If you do all […]

Do you really need to focus on Seo?

As with every other kind of marketing, a business’s need for SEO really depends on their business goals and where their target audience is at. For that reason, not every business needs to invest heavily in SEO. I am of the opinion that all websites should have a solid SEO foundation, but when it comes […]