WordPress Maintenance Services

It’s time to lay back and let the nerds take care of maintenance while you focus on playing golf… I mean your business.
go netflix and chill

Let me take care of your WordPress website

Keeping up with your WordPress maintenance checklist might be hassle but it’s necessary. If you’re running a business on a WordPress websites then it’s probably time to let me take care of maintenance and other mind blowingly boring tasks while you focus on your business.
experience over automation

Maintenance by a real, live person .. Ya, ME!

WP, Theme & Plugin Updates

WordPress Maintenance Services begin with updates and we update all WP core files, theme and plugins weekly. Our process involves full manual inspection of your site to ensure no errors.

Real Eyeballs on Your Website

Im a real boy! I will monitor your site with my own eyeballs to keep an eye on performance, downtime, and anything that seems fishy.

ps. Disney please dont sue me for referencing pinochio!

Plugin & Theme Scanning

I will keep up with the latest threats and monitor your website every day for possible issues. I will fix any problems before they affect your site.

Image and Code Compression

I have automated and manual processes for compressing your images and files to ensure your site is as fast as possible.

and she hates it

I spend more time with WordPress then my wife....

I have more than 17 years of experience with WordPress designing, creating different products (themes and plugins) and websites. Who better than us to be left in charge of your website’s maintenance?

I can confidently brag that I know what I am talking about. So give yourself some peace of mind by letting me take care of your website.

I mean come on … do you really want to “Do it yourself”?