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8 key uses of blogging for beginners using WordPress.

This is a first of a video series I call ... "The Worlds Best WordPress Video Series"! You will not find better WordPress videos anywhere on the internet!
circa 2012 - credit to author
Let's go over the eight key uses of blogging for beginners using WordPress.

It focuses on the top 8 things newcomers should focus on first: getting your message across, providing relevant external links, blog branding, getting readers to opt-in to your list, and video blogging.

It explains why these are most important when starting out and says the other uses like monetization can come later once you've built up your blog.
this content is on fire!
This video is lit brah!

About this WordPress Blog video

Well I'm not going to beat around the bush, this video has not aged well, its boring as hell and at first I didnt know if the author was trying to be funny by making a bad video ... Turns out she is dead serious
why so serious about wordpress blogging

But the funniest thing about this video is ...

She is 100% correct on every single item in the video. Keep in mind this was back in 2012, nothing has changed. Even back in 2004 when I started working with websites and WordPress in general it was the exact same! Thats 20 years ago, nothing has changed in 20 years other then the way we create content and the way we consume content.

Ofcourse there has been some minor changes in SEO (from google) here and there but the concept is the same: Content is King!

There are some people out there saying that SEO is dead, content is dead etc. etc. mostly for click bait, do not listen to them!
content is still king in 2024
Take this into consideration, from Matt Cutts .... former Google Exec.

As a former Google executive well-known for his contributions to SEO and web spam, has shared many insights that underscore the enduring value of content in SEO strategies.

One notable quote highlights the importance of having outstanding or world-class content as a differentiator, suggesting that once you have such content, you can then focus on how to promote it​​.

This reinforces the principle that content quality and uniqueness are pivotal for standing out in the digital space.

Cutts also addressed the effectiveness of link strategies and the emphasis on creating high-quality sites.

He stated, "The best way to get other sites to create high-quality, relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can naturally gain popularity in the Internet community"​​.

This advice aligns with the view that content is central to attracting valuable backlinks and improving site ranking.

Furthermore, he has advised against overly focusing on tactics like PageRank sculpting, emphasizing instead the development of a simpler site architecture that naturally earns its links through the strength of its content​​.

Cutts' guidance reflects a consistent theme: the critical role of authentic, compelling content in achieving SEO success and a positive user experience.

Overall, Cutts' insights confirm that while SEO tactics and technologies evolve, the foundational importance of quality content remains constant.

His advice directs marketers and webmasters to prioritize the creation of valuable content that resonates with their audience, which in turn supports both search engine visibility and user engagement.
quote from matt cutts
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