Take Your WordPress Website From Zero to Hero

Are you embarrassed to give out your website url?

Maybe your current site has not aged so well .. or you hired your sisters, best friends, uncles niece to design it for you.

Did you get bent over by an Agency? I mean does it really take 9 agency employees to do the job of one or two people?

(Just in case you are not picking up on my sarcasm, no it does not.)

No worries. I am here to help you take your wordpress website from zero to hero in no time at all.

Take Your Website From Zero to Hero

My Dad Always Told Me To "Keep Is Simple Stupid"

(So this is stupid keeping it simple)

Below are the WordPress services I am currently offering.

Support and Maintenance

Never worry about your WordPress website again. Our support team will keep your website updated, schedule automated offsite backups, external security scans, and more.

Performance and Security

The two most important features of any website is security and performance. With multi-level code audits, we verify every line of code on your website

Custom Design

Design done well looks good. Design done best gets you results. We do more than create a look. We connect with you and help you

Content Migrations

Whether your content is in a database (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle–you name it!), a web based system (via an API), or an exported file, we

Custom Development

Secure, high quality code is just the start. We consider all the little details so your site is comprehensive. We take an innovative approach to

Consulting and Discovery

Expert advice goes a really long way on a complex project. Let our experts help guide the way through technical advice and direction, problem solving

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WordPress services I am currently offering.

Current Beta Projects

Beta Definition: Get the spray, there may be some bugs!


Create Biolinks for Your Social Media Accounts

BoootyStrap, Mysql

Create shorted links, unique biolink pages and get proper statistics of your visitors.
Free URL Link Shortener
Free URL Link Shortener

Free URL Link Shortener

All the same features as premium url link shorteners except link.pizza is 100% free

BoootyStrap, Mysql


For those who want to go the extra mile with there social media BioLink landing page ... Add anything you want ... Literally.

WordPress, Toolset Types, Elementor

Ongoing Projects

Completed projects, maintenance mode engaged

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Do you have a bank account? Dumb question I know, well Alkami develops desktop and mobile banking applications that drive Banks and Credit Unions, over 150 of them.

WordPress, Toolset Platform, Elementor, Yoast


I help you reconnect with the "me" within the mom + course-correct back to your best self after a Life Detour, so you can become the happiest version of yourself, once & for all.

WordPress, Toolset Platform, LearnDash, Elementor, Yoast

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Val Riazanov is a russian martial art, systema and dl self defense expert ! Trust me he is a bad ass. What he teaches is so simple to learn! I believe anyone can learn very easly what he is teaching! It could save your life!

WordPress, Toolset Platform, BuddyPress, BuddyBoss, LearnDash, Elementor, Yoast

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