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Tired of the limitations of third party eCommerce solutions?

Unlock the full potential of your online store with our specialized WordPress conversion services.

I seamlessly migrate your current Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, or any other hosted e-commerce site to the WordPress platform powered by WooCommerce, ensuring a smooth transition with limited* downtime.
*I wanted to say ZERO downtime but my lawyer told me I could not. But I can get very very close to a word that ryhmes with HERO downtime!
wocommerce and wordpress for all ecommerce and website needs

Why WooCommerce is a Better Choice for Small to Medium Businesses

WooCommerce offers unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and control over your e-commerce website. Its open-source nature allows for complete customization, ensuring that your store precisely meets your business needs.

With WooCommerce, you benefit from WordPress's robust SEO capabilities, enhancing your store's visibility online. It also provides comprehensive analytics to track your store's performance.

WooCommerce's vast ecosystem of plugins and themes means you can add any functionality you need, making it a powerful choice for businesses aiming for growth and a unique online presence.

I'm not going to lie... eCommerce is a tough thing to master.

..and it's not cheap

As a business owner myself, I want control of EVERYTHING.. Third party eCommerce solutions take that away from business owners, also there (YOUR) money along with it... Sometimes up to half (amazon cough cough).

Here's are a few benefits of using WooCommerce for your e-commerce platform:

WooCommerce is a FREE (mostly) plugin you can install on the already FREE WordPress framework, boom, instant savings right out of the gate!
  • Seamless integration with WordPress, offering a familiar interface for users
  • Open-source and highly customizable, allowing for unique store designs
  • A vast library of plugins and extensions to enhance store functionality
  • Built-in SEO advantages due to its WordPress foundation
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools for better decision-making
  • Strong community support for troubleshooting and development assistance
  • Flexible product management and inventory control features
  • Secure and regularly updated for a safe shopping experience
  • Scalable to grow with your business from startup to enterprise

Plugins / Extenstions

WooCommerce plugins* extend the functionality of your e-commerce store, offering tailored solutions for various business needs.

From enhancing user experience with advanced search capabilities to integrating secure payment gateways, these plugins allow for a customizable and efficient online storefront.

They support a range of marketing tools, including email campaigns and social media integration, helping to drive sales and increase customer engagement.

Additionally, WooCommerce plugins can streamline logistics and inventory management, making it easier for businesses to scale and adapt to market demands.
*Some plugins charge a fee for a licence, which is usually yearly.

Every Penny Counts

WooCommerce can save businesses money compared to Shopify by eliminating monthly subscription fees, offering free and low-cost plugins for extended functionalities, and providing more control over hosting choices which can lead to more cost-effective solutions. Additionally,

WooCommerce doesn't charge transaction fees, unlike Shopify, which means savings increase as sales volumes grow.

This makes WooCommerce an attractive choice for businesses looking for a scalable, flexible e-commerce platform without the higher operational costs associated with hosted solutions.
WooCommerce can save businesses money compared to Shopify by eliminating monthly subscription fees

Buy hey, WordPress and Woocommerce is not for everyone .. so Here are a few reasons why not to switch..

For the Love of Monthly Fees
Who doesn't enjoy the thrill of regular payments? Shopify and Squarespace users get this unique pleasure, ensuring there's always a bit less in the bank account to worry about.
Complexity is Overrated
With WooCommerce, the endless customization can be daunting. Why embrace your unique needs when you can fit nicely into the Squarespace or Shopify one-size-fits-all box?
Third-Party Apps Galore
Enjoy navigating a maze of plugins? Shopify's extensive app store turns your quest for simple functionality into an adventure.
Commitment Issues?
WooCommerce’s open-source freedom means you're in charge of updates and security. If you're not into long-term commitments, letting Shopify handle it might be more your style.
Hidden Costs are Like Easter Eggs
Just when you thought you had your budget under control, Shopify and Etsy surprise you with transaction fees and additional costs. Who doesn't love a good hunt for hidden fees?

So you are probably wandering how much it would cost to migrate from a third party eCommerce solution to WocCommerce / WordPress!?

Is it more expensive upfront? 100% it is.

But in the long run it could save you tens of thousands of dolla bills ya'll

For current sites that have over 100 products and extensive analytic and plugin integration:

$7500 - Is a good Starting point.

This is an all enclusive price, It's the equivilent of going to cancun and not having to worry about anything (other then making it back to the USA).
For smaller sites that are getting there feat wet and have under 100 products and limited plugins:

$3500 - $7500 would prob get the job done.

This is an all enclusive price, It's the equivilent of going to cancun and not having to worry about anything (other then making it back to the USA).

Everyone else your either going to come in under $3500 or over 15K..

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