Search Engine Optimization

Google keeps changing stuff and we keep figuring it out!

We are Search Engine Optimization nerds!

It’s like a game. And we keep winning!

Google keeps changing stuff and we keep figuring it out!

Your marketing journey should start with a good SEO strategy. Lucky for you, if you did not start with that, you found us.

We do SEO a little different then a lot of companies.

We break apart SEO and Content Optimization into separate services. Let me briefly explain.

Content Optimization

We will spend more time of your actual content and re-write, or completely scratch your content and start over all at the same time doing Seo side by side with a strategy in place.

This obviously is more time consuming and more expensive. If you are looking for Content Optimization just check out our full write up on how we can help you create and optimize great content.

Search Engine Optimization

This is simply taking your current site and giving it a thorough comb through and giving you a list, probably a long one, of what needs to be fixed.

We can fix one thing for you or fix it all.

Some common items we constantly fixing are:

Keywords – you could be using to little, to much or the wrong ones.

No meta tags – You would be surprised to how many people still screw this one up.

Bad use of headers – we make sure your html markup is correct.

Image alt tags – again Seo 101, but people seem to forget.

CSS and Js files – We try to compress as many of these files as possible to make your site load faster.

Analytics – if you don’t have it, we install it. If you have it we make sure you are using it properly.

There are more. But those are the big ones.

That sounds amaze balls… where do we start?

Everything starts with research

In this first stage, we gather all relevant information about your business, target market, demographics and industry to help us gain strategic insight into the competitive landscape.

Ok if none of that made since what we are saying is, it’s like dating. If you are interested in someone…. before you take them out you Facebook, twitter and Instagram stalk them first to make sure they are not cray cray.

See. Research!

Competitor Research

Based off of your competitor list we will compare them to you. What keywords are you using vs. them. What keywords are they ranking high for and low for. Then we will use that info for your Seo strategy by selecting your targeted keywords based on relevancy, search volume and profitability.

OnPage SEO

Like I said, we are nerds and are always on target with the latest practices.

From creating seo-friendly urls, to optimizing page titles, metas, title tags (h1s and h2s), images and multimedia, content and lsi keywords implementation, to responsive design, boosting site speed, proper internal linking, and finally effective use of social sharing.

Reporting & Analytics

Without data, you are driving blind.

We offer SEO reporting and analytics as a single service if you simply just need tracking and reporting. However for clients who need SEO work done, we will include tracking and reporting for 6 months.

Reporting includes:

Bi weekly or monthly reporting of keyword position and ranking, keyword movement, site visibility, estimated traffic and competitor comparison.

Monthly site audit.

Brand mentions.

Social Media engagement.

Customized google data studio report (live) with major KPI and site analytics breakdown.

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