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Fitness questions I get asked all the time as a personal trainer

Fitness questions I get asked all the time as a personal trainer

How fast can I lose weight?

Doctors recommend losing fat at a rate of 1-2 pound per week. If you are more than 25% body fat you might even lose fat faster at the beginning of the program.

However, since you didn’t gain the weight overnight (although it may seem that way), you also won’t lose the weight overnight. Commit to long term goals and enjoy the process of developing proper nutrition and exercise habits.

Losing weight and getting fit in 2023

Will lifting weights help me turn fat into muscle?

No, you can’t turn fat into muscle. In reality, the workouts will help you lose fat and gain muscle. The end result will be a lean physique with muscle in all the right spots.

What’s the first thing someone should do when beginning a weight training program?

A beginner should focus on three basic things:

1) Rounding up a social support team (including friends, family, and health professionals).

2) Improving your diet to focus on eating whole, natural foods. Each day, fill up on as many vegetables as possible, a couple pieces of fruit (blueberries, an apple, d an orange), and lean proteins at each meal. Eat fiber-rich snacks, such as almonds, and drink green tea to help reduce hunger between meals.

3) Committing to a consistent exercise program of strength training and intervals.

Bonus Tip: And don’t over-think things too much. Everything else besides the above is just details.

I work 50-70 hours per week and I have a young family. How do I fit exercise into my day?

Commit. Commit Commit.

Commit to at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. You can alternate between strength training and interval training days if you are limited to 30 minute sessions. However, if you can get an hour of time 3 days per week, perform both the strength training and intervals together.

You might need to experiment with different exercise times so that you can workout without disrupting your family’s events. Fortunately, there is no magic exercise time. As long as you are consistent, you will get results.

Jump for fitness

When should I workout? Is it better to workout in the morning?

As long as you get your workout in, it doesn’t matter when you exercise. There is no magical time to exercise. Consistency, smart training, and hard work are the keys to successful fat loss and take priority over the time of exercise.

What’s the best type of cardio?

I won’t get into this now. But I am a firm believer that cardio is 100% not needed. While you get your lifting on track cardio can be beneficial however, when your lifting is solid it’s all you will need as far as “cardio” goes.

Shouldn’t I exercise in the fat burning zone to lose weight?

There is nothing magical about the so-called “fat burning zone”. The purpose of exercise is to burn calories during and after exercise when the body is recovering from the workout. The fat burning zone is generally low-intensity exercise, but lowintensity exercise burns fewer calories. Therefore, forget about this term and this fat burning myth. Focus on your lift brah.

Can I lose fat from a specific area by doing certain exercises? What exercises will help me lose fat from my inner thighs? What exercises will help me lose my love handles?

No, you can’t lose fat from a specific area just by doing certain exercises. This is also known as spot reducing, and just can’t be done.

If we told you that there was one secret exercise that could magically reduce the fat from one of your trouble spots, then we’d be rich. And I’m not rich. Lol.

More importantly, I would also be lying.

Fat burning isn’t like building muscle. When you strength train to build muscle, you only make gains in the specific muscles that were trained (“spot gaining”). But no exercise has the ability to burn fat from one specific area only (“spot reducing”). When you exercise, you burn fat from all over your body.

Doing one thousand ab crunches won’t help you lose your belly fat any faster than a good total-body routine.

Dont forget to take breaks a rest between workouts

Should I skip breakfast to make room for other meals?

This is another topic it would take 50 pages to explain. But in a nut shell…. Don’t skip any meal that would put you at risk of not having the calories you need for your goals.

I personally eat 1 time a day, I get all my nutrients in that one meal. Some people will disagree with this, but it works. Feel free to google the topic.

Can I eat carbohydrates? Shouldn’t I try and avoid carbohydrates?

Oh my oh my. The ultimate argument.

Carbohydrates are part of a healthy diet. For example, fruits and vegetables should not be eliminated from a fat loss diet or any diet. However, it is a good idea to avoid lots of sugar, especially foods that have added sugar.

And if your are on a cutting cycle/diet I would go with a 10/60/40 diet. 10% carbs, 60% fats (animal) and 40% protein.

Carbs, protein or fats …. Whatever it is a good rule(s) to go by is HOW MUCH you eat determines your body weight. WHAT you eat determines your body composition. And both of these rules work hand in hand with each other.

How much protein should I eat?

Again, there is not a broad answer I can give on this. It depends on your goals. there are a couple of proven guidelines though you can go by:

1) people with more muscle mass need more protein. Ie. A 300lb weightlifter needs a shot ton more protein then a 89lb runner.

2) You 100% do NOT need as much as the protein marketing companies tell you that you need.

3) Animal protein is far superior to plant protein.

People that exercise need more protein than sedentary people, but it is very easy to get all of your protein needs in your diet (even if you are a vegetarian). If you eat a serving of protein with each mini-meal, that will help you get the protein you need to maintain muscle and lose fat.

Should I stop eating after 6pm?

No, you don’t have to stop eating after 6pm. Just remember the overall goal is to eat and exercise consistently. So it’s okay to eat late as long as it fits your daily plan. Plan your meals and snacks and plan to avoid food traps such as buffet dinners or late night snacks of soda pop and chips.

People at work tell me to squirt some lemon juice in my water and to drink it ice cold to lose weight. What does lemon water do and does it work?

Um. No. And I bet these same people buy oxygen in a can at the grocery store as well.

If it’s a shortcut, any shortcut, 99% it won’t work.

I have junk food sitting around and I pig out on it all the time. What should I do?

Stop fucking doing it!


Figure out what works for you based on your fitness goals. They will obviously be different if you are going for the strongest man competition rather that running a triathlon.

Feel free to request a free consultation via the form below. I will answer all your questions free of charge.

I will also send you one of my favorite ebooks for free “Ultimate Diet Secrets”…. But don’t be fooled by the title, there are NO SECRETS, just science’

Dont be scared to lift heavy
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