market your dream

Create a link through which you can market your dream products. Create a blog or a website of your own depending on what you want to be recognized for. Share your experiences through these media.

Embrace the social media

Embrace the social media and utilize it wisely to promote your brand. When you optimize the social media, you may go offline, but your brand will never go off-track.

Understanding the different kinds of Digital Marketing

To know the importance of digital marketing to the future of marketing in any business, we need to understand and manage audience interactions. Digital marketing today is more about a variety of viewers than a website or email in which this ‘5D digital’ marketing is handled and exploited. 5D defines the good times for consumers […]

A short but sweet introduction to Digital Marketing

IntroductionThe Internet today has opened the doors for tremendous digital marketing opportunities for time-consuming businesses. By using various means of digital marketing, companies can share their products and services online. Also, they can get customers for their business, attract them, and convert them to increase their Return on Investment (ROI). The speed and convenience of […]

Why does your blog suck …. let’s fix your blog problem

if yoo suk @ riting, no won will reed ur blog lolz. Pretend you’re standing in front of someone, trying to convince them of something. You could be trying to persuade them to bet on one sports team over another, to buy a new car, or that the climax scene in The Devil’s Advocate is […]

Content marketing guidelines for any business

Content marketing is the process of publishing on the web useful, relevant and interesting content that serves your buyers. The aim is to educate, inform and entertain your prospective buyers so that the ‘right people’ know, like and trust you, and eventually become your customers and referrers. As a rule of thumb, 75 per cent […]

Another bogus claim by a blogger!

So I am at the gym as usual this morning …. it’s my fave part of the day because it is when I receive all the crazy exaggerated emails from bloggers selling there “secret blog system” …. some of this shitnis so crazy it’s worth a share … I won’t tell you who the bloggers […]

How good is your website effectiveness?

Your website is your “storefront.” You should put as much into your virtual storefront as you would to the front window display at a traditional store on Main Street. Your website needs to attract customers and keep them coming back for more. Pull up your website. Pretend you are a new prospect and ask yourself […]

If you are not selling anything on your blog…. you should be

Businesses sell something — and so should you. Whether it’s a course, a book, T-shirts, tours, or just other people’s products via affiliate marketing, give your audience an opportunity to support your website. Offering products allows you to be independent of sponsors and brand deals and not compete for spots on press trips (see below). […]